Transfer Bookings


Bus transfers

Mini bus
up to 30 people

Standard Bus
up to 49/53 people

Double decker bus
up to 78 people

Transfer in Copenhagen
Max duration 30 minutes

1.100 DKK 1.550 DKK 2.130 DKK

Airport & greater Copenhagen
Max duration 60 minutes

1.350 DKK 1.900 DKK 2.650 DKK
The menioned bus prices are stated in Danish Kroner, excluding VAT


Van / Car / Limo

Mercedes E-class
3 persons

Mercedes Van
6 persons

Transfer in between:
City Center to Airport
City Center to Bella Center
Bella Center to Airport

970 DKK 1015 DKK
No VAT to be added

Expenses for bridge and ferry will be priced separately. All invoices have to be paid before 01st May 2018.


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